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Cream Canasta 20 Years - Cream Sherry - Williams & Humbert

Published on January 12th, 2024 | by Ruben


Canasta 20 Years VOS (Williams & Humbert)

A longer aged version of the flagship Canasta Cream sherry

I’m sure you know Canasta, the flagship Cream sherry from Williams & Humbert, has around 6 years of ageing (see my Canasta review). Since 2017 the bodega also has this 20 year old version, a certified VOS sherry. It was created by blending an existing old Cream sherry with some 1980s Oloroso that had never been bottled on its own. The resulting wine contains around 130 grams of sugar per liter.

Like other Canasta wines, the blend is not made upon bottling but the components spend a very long time in cask together. This helps the integration and the overall smoothness.

A couple of years ago I already bought a bottle, but I must admit I never came around opening it. In fact it was a recent visit to the bodega that made me dig it up from my cellar and write a proper review.


Canasta Cream 20 Years VOS (20%, Williams & Humbert, L20, 50cl)

Nose: very aromatic. You get the dark, dried fruits but also fresh acidity. There are raisins, figs, caramelized hazelnuts and brown sugar. Hints of toffee too. Also walnut cake, polished furniture and a dusty library full of leather-bound books. Some lightly meaty hints in the background, as well as cigar ashes. You can tell there is proper old Oloroso at its base. Some citrusy notes and bright raspberry scents keep it fresh and vibrant.

Mouth: big sweetness, with hints of Liège pear syrup, more figs, burnt sugar and dark chocolate. Then hazelnuts and walnuts, as well as soms black pepper and liquorice. Cedar wood appears with hints of coffee and smoke. A light astringency towards the finish, but this actually helps to balance the sweetness. Despite the darkness, there is still a mild acidity that keeps it balanced. Quite a long aftertaste on tobacco and toast.

Availability: pretty good, now sold in 50 cl bottles for around € 30-35. Check Bodeboca or Decantalo for instance.

Summary: One of the top Creams in Jerez, for those who want the proper Oloroso character with balanced sweetness. This is a wonderful wine for a cheese board, or simply as an after-dinner treat.


Very good

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