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Published on March 22nd, 2018 | by Ruben


Micaela Moscatel (Bodegas Barón)

The Moscatel Micaela gets its grapes from nearby Chipiona

The Micaela range is a series of basic wines from Bodegas Barón in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. They’re roughly between four and six years old. Here we’re trying the Moscatel, aged for around 4-5 years.

The wine is made with grapes from the nearby town Chipiona where they generally have more sandy soils (arenas) than in Sanlúcar. Chipiona is really the key place for Moscatel vineyards in the sherry region. The grapes get the traditional soleo before being pressed and fermented. There’s around 150 grams of sugar per litre in the finished product.

They also have a Moscatel in the Pino Viejo series (same age), in the Xixarito series (10 years) and the Soluqua series (around 30 years).


Micaela Moscatel (17,5%, Bodegas Barón)

Nose: quite floral, an element that is sometimes lost in Moscatel from the Jerez area. Plenty of honey and raisins as well, with hints of rubbed orange / lemon skins. Very light toffee sweets and toasted nuts in the background.

Mouth: perhaps a little thinner than expected. Starts on sultanas, still with this citrusy freshness, moving to slightly darker aromas. The acidity is not so high, but it’s not too sticky sweet either. Very light spice and hints of coffee in the finish.

Availability: around € 10-15 for a full bottle.

Summary: A fresh, rather floral wine with a deep sweetness but also a lighter citrusy side. Goof value for money Moscatel. Perfect with tiramisu or ice cream desserts.



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