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Published on July 15th, 2014 | by Ruben


La Bota de Fino n°27 (Equipo Navazos)

La Bota de Fino n°27 is basically an unfiltered old version of the classic Fino Inocente

This La Bota de Fino n°27 is a true classic of Equipo Navazos. It contains the same wine that is also being bottled in n°2, 7, 15, 18… and later releases like La Bota n°35. This is one of the great aspects of the Equipo concept – they allow you to witness the evolution of wines over the years (in the bottle and in the cask).

N°27 is a selection from a 69-butt solera at Valdespino. It’s the oldest Fino solera at the bodega, containing their trademark wine Fino Inocente in its oldest form. The flor in the last layer of barrels in this solera is almost gone, but it’s still alive in the first and second criadera. It’s a rarity to be able to try this single vineyard wine – the last to be fermented in cask – bottled en rama in March 2011. Such an old Fino really benifits from a couple of years in the bottle as well, so it should be at its best these days.

The average age of this wine is slightly above 11 years adding the extra, oxidative complexity and the fat from the autolysis of flor yeasts. When the yeast cells die, the flakes sink to the bottom of the cask and add an extra dimension to the flavour profile.

I’m trying this one a little warmer than usual. Equipo Navazos suggests to drink it at 10°C for a light, refreshing wine, or around 13°C for a more complex array of aromas.


La Bota de Fino n°27
(15%, Equipo Navazos 2011, 5000 btl.)

Nose: wonderfully complex. It starts with the scent of a shoe store – don’t laugh – a mix of leathery notes and new plastic. It may sound funny but it’s quite delicious and intriguing. Also wet beaches and all sorts of oily notes (olive oil, linseed oil, almond oil). Goes towards plain fat, but without the typical bacon fat notes of some other Finos. Just great: lots of flor influence and hints of humid cellars. But lots of fruity notes as well, which is quite extraordinary for such an old wine. Lime, yellow apple, dried orange peel. Almonds. Even a soft hint of caramel sweetness, although it is entirely dry of course.

Mouth: not your typical Fino. The usual briny acidity is there, but there’s more oak to be found and obviously also traces of an Amontillado profile. Almonds and hazelnuts, toasted bread. A bit of fruity roundness as well. Mineral notes. Energetic yet elegant, with an excellent weight. Long finish, with nutty notes, soft spices and just a hint of brine.

Availability: around € 30 but probably sold out by now. However can still find La Bota n°35 or wait for new bottlings of the same wine.

Summary: A finetuned, en rama version of the classic Fino Inocente, which was one of the best 'standard' Finos already. This shows the quality of both Valdespino and Equipo Navazos. One of the best Finos I could try.



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