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Published on July 24th, 2019 | by Ruben


Lustau Vermut Rosé

The only rosé vermouth produced in the sherry region

We’re approaching 40°C here in Belgium these days, which is not favourable for drinking fortified wines. Instead I’d like to offer something fresher: the latest Vermut Rosé from Bodegas Lustau. As you know they were one of the first to reintroduce a sherry vermouth based on old recipes, first a red vermouth, then a white and recently also this pink version.

They’re still the only sherry bodega to offer this style, which is based on dry Fino sherry, floral and sweet Moscatel and fruity Tintilla de Rota wines, skilfully blended by Lustau’s Master Blender Fernando Pérez. The stand-out botanicals that have been macerated are wormwood, cardamom, chamomile, vanilla and nutmeg.


Lustau vermouth rose


Vermut Rosé (15%, Lustau, 75cl)

Nose: round with vanilla in the foreground, and some light floral scents. Fruit pastry. Sweet pink grapefruit. Sweet spices are certainly noticeable but in a more subtle way than in the white and red version, I would say.

Mouth: quite sweet, with a delicate winey undertone. Syrupy citrus notes and rather subtle spices and herbs (thyme, chamomile), until light pepper and nutmeg come out in the finish. On the lighter side again, very easy-going.

Availability: should be easy to find for around € 15-20. For international shipping, check Master of Malt or The Whisky Exchange for instance.

Summary: I think I prefer the white version, but the pink one is feminine and attractive as well. Round with plenty of vanilla, it works best with tonic or ginger ale.



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