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Published on January 6th, 2022 | by Ruben


Sherry Academy: online sherry courses

Sherry Academy is a new project by the Consejo Regulador which allows you to learn about sherry wines without leaving your sofa. Funded in part by the European Union, the Spanish version of this online learning platform was launched in 2021, and since January 2022 there is also a much anticipated English version.


Basic course + Advanced course

The Sherry Academy is offering two courses, both free of charge. One is a basic course which teaches you the basics about sherry wines, including the history of sherry, viticulture, vinification, sherry styles, serving and storing tips… in 9 chapters. Completing this course shouldn’t take more than 2 hours or so. At the end there’s a short test and a certificate. This is a perfect introduction for wine enthusiasts or people looking for some background information on the wines.

The second part is an advanced course which covers the same topics as the basic course in far greater depth. This is aimed at professionals (or serious sherry lovers) who want to study the sherry universe in detail. This exhaustive course has a high degree of specialization and will probably take several hours to complete, but you can start and resume whenever you want and go through the different modules at your own pace. In the advanced course you’ll have a test at the end of each module (maybe not as hard as I expected…) as well as a final test. The certificate can be added to your Linkedin profile and can be verified online at all times.

The Consejo Regulador put a lot of effort in the Sherry Academy and did a great job in creating a modern e-learning platform. The courses are nicely laid out and quite interactive, with plenty of audiovisual content like infographics and images, as well as beautiful videos that explain the topics in a more captivating way.


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Sherry Academy = Sherry Educator online?

It is clear that the Sherry Educator programme served as the basis for the new Sherry Academy. There has been a long waiting list for the Sherry Educator course, with many requests from people outside of the professional wine world as well, so now anyone can get a similar level of information at home with almost identical study material. Taking the advanced course turns you into a true sherry connoisseur, especially when you complement the theoretical knowledge with a couple of wine tastings, or (why not?) a visit to the sherry region.

I believe this new online platform will take some pressure off the Sherry Educator programme and support a new wave of sherry lovers.


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