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Manzanilla Manzanilla Origen Callejuela

Published on July 6th, 2021 | by Ruben


Manzanilla Orígen Callejuela

Manzanilla in a classical, methodical style

Origen Callejuela is the new name of the base range from this bodega. The Manzanilla comes from different pagos: 30% Macharnudo, 50% Añina and 20% Callejuela approximately, with different subtypes of albariza soils. The harvest is delayed as long as possible, resulting in a well-structured, full-bodied wine that can stand the undressing that happens during the biological ageing period. It is fermented in stainless steel and once fortified, the wine ages in butts with less headspace than usual, but the level inside the barrels is gradually lowered as the wine moves to subsequent criaderas.

The Manzanilla Origen Callejuela is made in a perfectly classical, methodical style. It is aged for 4-5 years and bottled four times a year.


Manzanilla Orígen (15%, La Callejuela)

Nose: a very bright profile, full of saline notes, citrus acidity and lovely notes of white flowers. Hints of stone fruits in the background. Moderate yeasty notes, it’s a nicely elegant Manzanilla

Mouth: now just a little more herbal, even slightly peppery intensity, with a marked mineral footprint. Still a rather high acidity / sapidity with more white fruits, lemons or rather grapefruits, and some green apple. Bitter nuts and more Mediterranean herbs in the finish.

Availability: limited. Around € 9 in Spain (check Dealbariza) or € 11-13 in other countries (check Vinissimus or Xpertvinum for instance).

Summary: This is a bright Manzanilla, focusing on acidity, floral notes and subtle fruits to create a vibrant, hugely refreshing profile. A great example of the kind of mineral sapidity you can get in Manzanlla. As there's a little less pungency this is an excellent entry point to sherry.


Really good

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