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Published on August 7th, 2018 | by Ruben


Organic Fino En Rama 2015 (Williams & Humbert)

The first organic Fino coming out of Jerez de la Frontera

This Organic Fino 2015 is part of the Vintage Collection from Williams & Humbert. In the harvest of 2015, the bodega was offered ecological Palomino grapes from the Pago Burujena near Trebujena, by Mostolé, a group of organic growers that manage just over 20 hectares of vines and also supplied grapes for the Manzanilla Entusiastica some time ago.

After spontaneous fermentation it was fortified to 15,5% (with organic alcohol of course). It developed a layer of flor and matured in a static way (without the usual refreshments of a solera system) for almost three years. The yeast already consumed 0,5% of alcohol, so in March 2018 it was bottled as a Fino. For the moment these experiments are handled as vintage wines, but the bodega doesn’t rule out the possibility to start new soleras afterwards. Fino Pando Eco, perhaps?

The Fino Ecológico 2015 is available in limited quantities since late May 2018.



Organic Fino En Rama 2015 (15%, Williams & Humbert, March 2018)

Nose: full and smooth at the same time. Plenty of hay and warm herbal notes, almonds and light mineral notes. Typical punzante aromas with above average complexity. Light citrus notes. Touches of leather. Obviously this seems older and slightly more ‘pressure-cooked’ than a 3 year-old solera Fino.

Mouth: a slightly sweet onset, with hints of yellow apple. After that it grows drier (Mediterranean herbs, including a little rosemary) and spicier. Light lemony notes again, as well as a chalky side. Quite juicy and well structured.

Availability: around € 11 in the Williams & Humbert online store, a bit more in other places, but very hard to get overall.

Summary: This is an interesting Fino: the nose is great with plenty of intense aromas that linger on on the palate. The result is quite impressive after just three years. That said, I can't really put my finger on noticeable advantages of being an organic wine.


Very good

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