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Amontillado Amontillado - Cayetano del Pino

Published on July 2nd, 2021 | by Ruben


Amontillado (Cayetano del Pino)

While the bodega is considered to be one of the experts on Palo Cortado, they also have one Amontillado

Of course Cayetano del Pino is better known for its Palo Cortado but they have an interesting Amontillado as well. It starts life as a Fino and looses its layer of flor in a natural way.

This Amontillado is over 20 years old and received a RP95 score.

As a side note, Cayetano del Pino released their first Palo Cortado VORS earlier this year, and they are now working on an Amontillado VORS as well.


Amontillado (19%, Cayetano del Pino, L20)

Nose: lovely varnished oak up front, with a touch of vanilla pastry. Very attractive and inviting,  It’s wide and aromatic, also showing hints of orange peels, almonds and walnuts. Clear hints of minerals, with a little straw and yeast too. Really elegant.

Mouth: drier and sharper than expected, but with a great impact and a certain glyceric texture. It shows hints almonds again and hazelnuts. Over time it also develops more pronounced salty touches, acidity and a light peppery note. A well-aged profile but without tannins. Long aftertaste on warming oak.

Availability: around € 17 from the bodega direct or just a little more from Coalla Gourmet for instance.

Summary: This is a really elegant Amontillado: lovely varnished notes on the nose, and a nice balance of racy acidity and rounder oxidative notes on the palate. Old oak runs like a thread throughout. Recommended and great value for money. Now I'm eager to try the VORS version!



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