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Published on June 22nd, 2017 | by Ruben


Manzanilla Deliciosa (Valdespino)

Deliciosa is a classic Manzanilla that shouts Miraflores

Manzanilla Deliciosa is the best known Manzanilla from Valdespino. It is around 5 to 6 years old, whereas the younger Manzanilla Señorita has an average age of three years. Both come from the Bodega La Guita which is part of the Estévez group that owns both brands.

Deliciosa is made by Maribel Estévez, enologist and daughter of the owner José Estévez. The grapes are sourced from the pago Miraflores and the solera system consists of seven scales (six + solera row). There are two sacas per year, in spring and autumn.

Since 2013 there is also a Manzanilla Deliciosa En Rama, a less filtered version, which is bottled in springtime each year.


Manzanilla Deliciosa (15%, Valdespino)

Nose: fresh apple and citrus, with lots of dried herbs and green olives. The flor is easy to note. The minerality of Miraflores as well. Hints of warm shore sand and ropes. Almonds. Hay. Chamomile of course. Nice mix of fresh appeal and aged notes.

Mouth: sharper and more heavily flavoured than I was expecting from the nose.  It’s dry and saline, with a big savoury character, yet it stays fresh and nicely polished. Good acidity. Hazelnut, olive brine and minerals. Subtle notes of unripe pear. Light hints of herbs. Saline finish with citrusy notes.

Availability: good but prices tend to differ. Around € 8 for a half bottle. For a full bottle I’ve seen prices between € 10 and € 18. Check The Whisky Exchange for international shipping.

Summary: Manzanilla Deliciosa is... well... deliciosa indeed. More intense than a common Manzanilla although nowadays we've become accustomed to even more intense En Rama bottlings of course. Fresh, saline and intense - a good example of Miraflores, showing hints of younger examples and hints of older Manzanilla.


Very good

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