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Manzanilla Muyfina (Barbadillo)

Muyfina is one of the well-known brands of Manzanilla. Of the three Manzanillas that Barbadillo is producing, this is the youngest (alongside Solear and Solear En Rama).

It is a low-end Manzanilla that is sold in several supermarkets, like Aldi in the UK (albeit with Pedro Rodriguez e Hijos on the label).

Just a note of caution. Although I’m always keen to try bottle-aged sherry, these young and delicate Manzanillas are not suitable. The (other) bottle of Muyfina that I bought in Belgium was definitely past its prime (rough, dusty, bitter) and there’s no bottling code on the label to warn you.


Muyfina Manzanilla (15%, Barbadillo)

Nose: light and clean, with apples, grassy notes and hints of rosemary. White bread and some dried yellow flowers. Basic, common aromas in a fairly lightweight package.

Mouth: similar thoughts. It’s young, giving you hints of a regular (fruity / acidic) white table wine. Yet there are some savoury flor notes, nutty touches and a very soft salty edge. Fairly short finish.

Availability: pretty good. As low as € 3 in Spain, closer to € 6 in other countries.

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Manzanilla Muyfina (Barbadillo) Ruben

Summary: Uncomplicated Manzanilla, rather light and thin like the name suggests but at the same time it lacks a bit of finesse. Not my favourite style of Manzanilla (I'll stick to their Solear) but it pairs well with food.



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