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Published on September 2nd, 2014 | by Ruben


Oloroso 15 años (El Maestro Sierra)

El Maestro Sierra possesses some of the oldest stocks in the whole sherry region

Located in the centre of Jerez de la Frontera, Bodegas El Maestro Sierra resides at one of the highest elevations in town. This allows the bodega to receive warm, humid winds that arrive from the sea, aiding in a better climate for the growth of flor, which remains active the whole year round. Today however, we’re trying a wine that isn’t exposed to flor, the Oloroso 15 años.

The Oloroso 15 años is the youngest Oloroso produced by this house. The fact that it comes with an age statement (other than the official VOS and VORS) is quite rare in the Jerez region. There’s also an Oloroso 1|14 VORS (around 50 years, from a solera fed by the 15 yo) and a very rare Oloroso 1|7 VORS (around 100 years).

This wine also used for the Maestro Sierra Amoroso, a blend of Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez which is left in a solera for about five years to integrate.

I’m trying a fresh bottle released in January 2014. The lovely minimalist white labels were introduced in 2012, but some old-style bottles are still around.



Oloroso 15 years old (19%, El Maestro Sierra)

Nose: dry, nutty start. Hazelnuts, brazil nuts. Umami notes of beef stock and dried mushrooms. On the other end of this earthy, darker side there is a brightness of bitter oranges and fresh figs. A bit of toffee and echoes of spices (not unlike gingerbread, really nice). Subtle hints of varnish as well.

Mouth: medium-bodied, with a surprising lightness and ease to it. Good balance of acidity, a suggestion of caramel sweetness, lightly bitter notes (dried herbs, Seville oranges) and a soft, gingery warmth. Fades on mineral and saline notes, with an aftertaste of mocha.

Availability: available in half bottles (around € 8) or around € 14 for a full bottle.

Summary: This is an authentic Oloroso that is quite elegant and stays on the light side. As a 'base range' this is simply very good, with a pretty good value for money ratio.



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