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The Great Sherry Tasting 2013

The Great Sherry Tasting 2013 is an event in Amsterdam, Holland, held on Monday 30th of September (Holland has traditionally been an important market for sherry). It is supported by ICEX, the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade and aimed at professionals (cooks, wine shops, wine educators…).

The whole day, more than 100 sherries will be presented by their producers and importers. In the morning, Beltrán Domecq, the current president of the Consejo Regulador, will give an introduction to the world of sherry wines. In the afternoon there are masterclasses about food pairing, sherry sales ideas and en rama sherry. An interesting event – it is certainly true that there is a big need for education among professionals, although I hope they’ll organise a similar sherry fair for consumers as well.

Subscription is possible until 23rd of September. For more information, see


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  1. NIPPER_Amsterdam_NL says:

    Dear Ruben,

    Thank you for a very nice article again.

    I can only add the following:


    First online shop specialising in Sherry.

    The web features up to 500 different brands, as well as other goods produced in the area’s bodegas. e-commerce site was presented at the head office of
    the Regulatory Council on the 27th of June, and the event was attended
    by the project’s promoter Raúl Díez, the head of development for the
    website, Álvaro de la Calle and the councillor for Economic Development,
    Francisco Cáliz. Although it is a completely private initiative, the
    specialised nature of the website certainly merited its presentation at
    the Regulating Council’s own San Ginés bodega.

    Although there are numerous online wine shops, this is the first one of
    its kind to focus entirely on Sherry. The launching of gives us the first e-commerce site dedicated solely
    to the wines produced in the region of Jerez, and features up to 500
    different brands, as well as other goods produced in the area’s bodegas.

    During the presentation, the director of the Regulatory Council, César
    Saldaña, expressed the organisation’s satisfaction with these types of
    initiatives, embracing as they do, new technologies, and offering
    important commercial possibilities for the bodegas of the region. is available in english and spanish

    Source: Consejo Regulador Denominations of Origin “Jerez-Xérès-Sherry” and “Manzanilla – Sanlúcar de Barrameda”.

    Have a nice 2014 with lots of good sherries (and whiskies) !

    Hans Stok.

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