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Brandy de Jerez

25 March 2015

Brandy de Jerez or Sherry Brandy is a spirit produced by distilling wine, just like cognac, armagnac or grappa. You …

Fino Quinta (Osborne)

16 March 2015

Fino Quinta is a well respected wine but it can be hard to find The large Osborne group is concentrating …

Bodegas Barón

5 March 2015

Bodegas Barón was founded by Manuel Barón Fernández in 1895 who acquired some old soleras from Anselmo Paz, an almacenista in Sanlúcar …

Sherry Wine Week 2015

4 March 2015

Last year’s International Sherry Week is reborn this year. It’s now called Sherry Wine Week 2015 and it will take …

Manzanilla Micaela (Barón)

2 March 2015

The Micaela range includes a whole series of different types of sherry Although the label design is brand-new, Micaela is a Manzanilla …

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